Configurable Overdue Notification System

The SafeTrx overdue escalation process is customised to the SAR authority’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Tools to Assess & Locate

SafeTrx displays real-time data to help reduce the uncertainty phase in an overdue situation.

Operational Support Tools

SafeTrx assists incident response Operators in directing SAR resources and communicating critical information.

SAFETY NET Keep Family & SAR Authorities Informed

Designed to complement the existing technologies that save lives at sea, SafeTrx transmits position, speed and heading to the SafeTrx server at regular intervals.

ALERT NOTIFICATIONS Automated Overdue Alerts

SafeTrx monitors your journey and alerts designated emergency contacts and the SAR authority should you fail to return on time.

TRACK. RACE. ANALYSE. Tools to Review Performance on the Water

SafeTrx’s ‘quick start’ option lets you start tracking at a touch of a button and records your position every 10 metres. Log your top speed, average speed and distance travelled. Re-live sessions using the track playback feature.

TRIP SHARING Share your Sessions on Facebook

Share your journey track and individual trip statistics with friends and family on your Facebook timeline.