QF20 Keppel Sands

Flotilla Location

Flotilla Contact Details

QF20 Keppel Sands
180 Schofield Parade
Keppel Sands, Queensland 4702
Mobile: 0472 826 312

Postal Address

PO Box 2022

Keppel Sands



OPEning hours / Radio Monitoring Hours

Weekdays: 06:00 to 18:00 Daily Tuesday to Thursday

Weekends: There is an on-site caretaker present most times

frequencies monitored

27mhz: 86, 88

VHF: 16, 21, 22, 81, 82

HF: 2182, 2524, 4125, 6251, 8291, 12290

call sign

Call Sign: VMR 471

Call Sign Name: Coast Guard Keppel Sands

Public Education

First Aid: Yes

CPR: Yes

Radio License: Yes

flotilla information


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Operating Times

  • 06:00 to 18:00 Daily Tuesday to Thursday
  • There is an on-site caretaker present most times


  • CHSS Rescue – 7.8m Cat twin 175hp O/B
  • CHSS 2 – 4.8m Polycraft 70hp O/B
  • Isuzu D-MAX

Why should I contact Coast Guard?

  • For your own safety; to check your radio is working
  • To allow Coast Guard to keep a log of your boating activities in case of emergency
  • To ask for weather reports and Notices to Mariners including Shoalwater Bay closures
  • To ask for assistance in the unlikely – but possible – event of trouble.

Cape Capricorn to Island Head Creek 0600 – 1800 daily

  • North of Emu Park – Call on VHF Ch 21
  • South of Emu Park – Call on VHF Ch 22
  • Fitzroy River — Call on VHF Ch 22
  • 27 MHz radios are not recommended in Keppel Bay and Fitzroy River – numerous radio black spots
  • After Hours Call on VHF Ch 16 for all Emergencies and requests for assistance, Call 000 Emergencies only

North of Island Head Creek 0630 – 2130 daily

  • Call on VHF Ch 81 or Call on VHF Ch 83 (Percy Islands)
  • After Hours Call on VHF Ch 16 for all Emergencies and requests for assistance, Call 000 Emergencies only
  • WARNING: Mobile phone coverage north of Manifold Point is very limited

When do I call for assistance?

  • A breakdown where you cannot get back to shore unaided.
  • Medical assistance beyond your capability or knowledge

What is an emergency?

  • A breakdown where time is critical – sinking, sunset, drifting to rocks or danger, major medical problem

What do I say?

For Assistance

  • PAN PAN   PAN PAN   PAN PAN Coast Guard (3 times) this is Boat Name (3 times) I need assistance – over.”

For Emergency

  • MAYDAY  MAYDAY  MAYDAY this is Boat Name (3 times) at (position) (Nature of distress) (x POB (persons on board) – over.”
  • A Mayday can be given on any channel but VHF Ch 16 has the widest coverage
  • Mayday is reserved for life-threatening emergencies

Weather Forecasts broadcast daily:

  • VHF Ch 21
  • 0705, 1205, 1705
  • VHF Ch 81(Thirsty Sound)
  • 0633, 1645