Sinking Vessel off Portland

A 5.8mt Recreational Fishing Vessel placed a mayday call via VHF Radio to Portland Coast Guard at 1450hrs this afternoon to say their vessel was sinking, shortly after they activated their EPIRB on board the vessel. Portland Coast Guard was en route to the scene by 1500hrs. The vessel was located 38 Nautical Miles off the coast towards Cape Nelson.

Portland Coast Guard arrived on scene and confirmed there were 6 People on Board, the vessel appeared to have been swamped by a wave and was not currently taking on water. A fixed wing Search and Rescue Aircraft along with Heli-Med 4 were also dispatched to the scene.

One man was airlifted off the vessel by Heli-Med 4 to be treated for shock. Five people currently remain on the vessel, which is now under tow by Portland Coast Guard back to Portland. The vessel is due back into port at 1900hrs this evening.

Commercial container vessel Kota Lukis has returned to her original heading to Adelaide after diverting her course in response to the mayday call.

Activating the EPIRB provided the Coast Guard with precise co-ordinates of the vessel, allowing crews to respond quickly and accurately in an emergency situation.